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Activism in Adoption is organized around three key concepts:

Race, Relationships, and Resilience;

centering birthparent and adoptee voices,

which bring nuance and detail that can only come from lived experience.

When we listen to the individuals whose lives are most impacted by adoption, when we allow ourselves to sit in uncomfortable spaces, we learn and we grow, we begin to understand the ethics, and sometimes the lack of ethics in adoption, and we become the change-makers - improving outcomes in adoption for our children, for ourselves as adoptive parents and adoption professionals, and for the birthparents who chose to place their children for adoption.

We are Stronger Together.

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    "On Your Feet Foundation is one of the most proactive groups I’ve been a part of in the adoption field. Their recent speaker series made a point to honor all those connected to adoption. As an adoptee, I pay very close attention to how others honor adoptees, like myself, as well as birth parents. On Your Feet Foundation makes sure these two very important voices are heard and that is extremely important to me."

    Kevin Hofmann, AiA Speaker and panelist

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An adoptive mother talks candidly about her experiences in the past trying to complete her adoption education requirements, and why Activism in Adoption is so different with regard to how it approaches education, by platforming the voices most often silenced in adoption: birthmothers and adoptees.

Why is it so problematic to position adoption as the opposite of abortion? Today we examine what adoption researchers and experts have to say about adoption, adoption trauma, and why comparing adoption and abortion is a false equivalency.

As part of our ongoing Ethics in Adoption series, we discuss the difficult history of adoption matching, and examine how the modern practice of announcing adoption matches online and in other public spaces brings with it ethical concerns.

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