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On Your Feet is the gold-standard for post-placement care. With 20+ years of experience caring for birthparents, we see the damage caused when members of the adoption constellation hasn't received the education they need, so we launched Activism in Adoption in 2020.

Our AiA sessions, recorded live on Zoom, are a safe space for everyone in the adoption community — including extended family and adoption professionals — to explore preconceived notions, stigmas and stereotypes, sit in vulnerability, and ask hard questions. When we do this as a community, we become the change-makers in adoption and we improve outcomes for everyone in the constellation. We do this by...

  • Centering birthparent and adoptee voices, when others do not, because these voices are critical in changing the adoption landscape for the better, and too often, they are left out of adoption education entirely.
  • Covering the entire parenting journey, when others do not, because adoption is more than just bringing a new baby home; you need to hear first-hand experiences about topics like an expectant mother considering adoption, and how to help your adult adoptee navigate a reunion relationship with their birth family.
  • Focusing on three key topics: Race, Relationships, and Resilience, when others do not, because these stories bring nuance and detail that can only come from lived experience.

Most adoption education ends before an adoption is finalized, but where other adoption education programs stop, Activism in Adoption is just getting started.



Most adoption education is sold course-by-course. At Activism in Adoption, families receive unlimited access to our full catalog via a 30-Day Pass, allowing them to tailor a bespoke educational experience that best matches their needs. Adoption Education Certificates are available for families who need them, and if they earn six certificates, they’ll also receive a badge acknowledging their commitment to ethical, modern adoption education.

When you become an Activism in Adoption Affiliate, you receive:

  • A unique promo code to share with your clients, families, and community - when they use your code to sign up for a 30-Day Pass, they instantly save $20
  • Every time an Affiliate’s unique Promo Code is used to sign up for a 30-Day Pass, that Affiliate receives $50, with payment sent out quarterly
  • A digital copy of the AiA catalog (updated monthly)
  • An AiA Badge signifying your affiliation
  • Logo placement on the AiA website
  • And more, including one complimentary account so that you can familiarize yourself with our content, and customized reporting

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