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Most adoption education ends before an adoption is finalized,

but where other adoption education programs stop,

we are just getting started.

Activism in Adoption is not just an educational series, but a movement dedicated to privileging the voices of birthparents and adoptees in adoption education in order to improve outcomes for everyone in the adoption constellation. Developed by On Your Feet Foundation, a secular, independent non-profit organization dedicated to providing birthparents with the support and community they need to heal, this speaker series provides a safe space in which our speakers are able to speak openly about adoption topics with the kind of nuance and lived experience necessary to provide the adoption education you deserve.

No matter where you are in the adoption constellation,

which includes grandparents, extended birth family, and adoption professionals,

along side adoptive parents, adoptees, and birthparents

– Activism in Adoption is for you.


What Makes Us Different?

Who We Are: On Your Feet Foundation is the gold-standard for post-placement care. With over 20 years of experience caring for birthparents, we have seen firsthand the damage caused when everyone in the adoption constellation hasn't received the education they need.

Who Our Experts Are: Most adoption education silences adoptee and birthparent voices, letting others in the adoption constellation speak over them or for them. We do things differently, because we know that when we center the needs and experiences of birthparents and adoptees, the outcomes for everyone in adoption can change for the better. These voices are critical in changing the adoption landscape for the better, but too often, they are left out of adoption education entirely,

What You Need: Most adoption education is aimed at potential adoptive parents as they start their adoption journey, and addresses the transition of bringing a new baby into the home. Where most training ends, Activism in Adoption starts, by covering the entire parenting journey, from the experiences of an expectant mother considering adoption to how to help your adult adoptee successfully navigate a reunion relationship with their birth family.

Part of a trans-racial adoption? Our modules on race start with renowned expert on race in America, Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, author of the award winning book, Why are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria. Instead of focusing on what it is like to adopt a transracial infant, Activism in Adoption focuses on the entire transracial experience by bringing in adult adoptees like Nam Holtz, Kevin Hofmann, and Isaac Etter, who not only recount how growing up in white families impacted them as adults but are also able to provide practical suggestions and resources for ensuring that adoptive parents are better able to address racial difference in their family and have the tools necessary to provide their child the resources they need to thrive.

Struggling to navigate a relationship with your child's birth family? Hear birthmothers like Liz Pryor, Hope O Baker, and Cathy Crossno as they discuss what it means to place a child for adoption, including how they came to that choice, how they experienced the aftermath of that choice, and what impact that aftermath had on their relationship with their child's adoptive family.

Worried about what happens next if your adult adoptee seeks out and finds their birthmother?  Nearly all adoption education focuses on adopting a baby, but does not address the birthparent/adoptive parent relationships as that baby grows into a teen, and then an adult. We hear a lot about preparing for openness in the early years of an adoptee's life. But what does the relationship look as the adoptee grows up? How do we prepare for a healthy open relationship through those years? Join two seasoned birthmothers, Vicki Twomey and Jessica Figlio, who have each experienced over 20 years of openness in adoption, as they share their stories.  

The When and Where: All of our Activism in Adoption sessions are recorded live on Zoom in front of an audience. As soon as your 30-day pass is active, you will have access to the entire catalog, including complimentary registration for any live sessions occurring during your 30-Day Access, giving you the opportunity to pick and choose the sessions that best speak to your personal needs, instead of being stuck completing adoption education in areas that do not pertain to your experiences, and you can watch them when it best suits your schedule.


It's never too late to get the adoption education you and your family deserve. Sign up today to begin your journey in adoption activism.