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From interviews with our Activism in Adoption speakers and panelists to in-depth examinations of the ethical issues within adoption, we tackle tough topics and highlight important voices in adoption.

Introducing Liz Pryor: birthmom, relationship expert, and best-selling author, Liz brings her wit and wisdom to Activism in Adoption.

Introducing Cathy Crossno, who will be addressing navigating adoption constellation relationships as a birthmother.

Given how critical post-placement birthparent support is for an open adoption to be successful, we have compiled a list of questions for prospective adoptive parents to ask when searching for an agency to work with. The answers to these questions can draw you a roadmap of the kinds of outcomes you might see in your own adoption, depending upon the level and duration of post-placement support your child’s birthparents receive.

An adoptive mother talks candidly about her experiences in the past trying to complete her adoption education requirements, and why Activism in Adoption is so different with regard to how it approaches education, by platforming the voices most often silenced in adoption: birthmothers and adoptees.

As we await the Supreme Court decision regarding ICWA, we offer a brief primer for everyone in the adoption constellation on what it is, and why it matters.

Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, one of the foremost experts on race in America, will be speaking at our Activism in Adoption Series this October. We took a closer look at some of the tenets of her best-selling book, "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? And Other Conversations about Race."

Why is it so problematic to position adoption as the opposite of abortion? Today we examine what adoption researchers and experts have to say about adoption, adoption trauma, and why comparing adoption and abortion is a false equivalency.

As part of our ongoing Ethics in Adoption series, we discuss the difficult history of adoption matching, and examine how the modern practice of announcing adoption matches online and in other public spaces brings with it ethical concerns.